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Texoma medical center - living with congestive hea

Starts 01/12/2018 @ 9:00:00 AM
Ends 01/13/2018 @ 12:00:00 AM


                Heart failure occurs when the heart isn't able to pump enough blood throughout the body. This can happen when the heart muscle is weaker than normal or when there is a defect in the heart that prevents blood from circulating. When blood doesn't circulate normally, less blood gets to the kidneys, leading to extra fluid building up in the lungs, the liver, around the eyes, and sometimes in the legs. Attend these seminars from Texoma Medical Center and learn about living well with congestive heart failure. Next Seminar: Friday, July 14 • 9 a.m.Speaker: Steven Gordon, RPh, CentRx PharmacyTopic: Medication and Congestive Heart FailureLocation: Texoma Medical Center, Conference Room 2


Texoma Medical Center

5016 US-75
Denison, Texas,
United States



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